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Skywatch Photography & Video Services

Drone Inspection

Drone Inspection

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Looking for a safer and more efficient way to inspect your site work or perform rooftop maintenance and repair? Look no further than our drone inspection services. Our automated drone flights allow teams to seamlessly capture data without time-consuming and dangerous manual processes.

Our aerial data is automatically processed and transformed into maps and models, allowing teams to remotely measure distances, calculate volumes, and visualize the site in 3D. This makes it easy to compare to designs and share with project stakeholders, collaborating on inspection results and details using embedded links for individual projects.

Our roof drone inspection services provide unparalleled access to rooftops without the need for ladders or scaffolding, keeping your team safe while providing detailed information about the condition of your roof. Our drone inspections are fast, accurate, and extremely efficient, creating three-dimensional "geomaps" using topographic and orthomosaic imaging.

Trust us to help you safely inspect the progress of site work and perform rooftop inspections for maintenance and repair. Our drone inspection services provide valuable data that can inform decision-making, help you identify issues before they become bigger problems, and ultimately save you time and money. Choose our drone inspection services to take your site inspections to the next level.


Media will be distributed in the formats of CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs.

Time onsite

  • Aerial Photography & Video: 1 hour to 1.5 hour depending on the size of the property
  • 3D Virtual Tours: 1 hour to 2 hours depeding on the size of the property

Terms and Conditions

  • Aerial Photography & Video: 20-30 Aerial Images (JPEG and/or RAW), 2-3 minutes Aerial Video. 6-Months Cloud Storage
  • 3D Virtual Tours: Exterior 360 Panorama and 3D Virtual Tour (Matterport). 6-Months Cloud Storage and Matterport Virtual Tour web link.
  • Floor Plan: PDF or JPEG. 6-Months Cloud Storage


  • Interior Photography & Video is not included
  • Jobs outside of GTA will require a custom quote
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